Innovation in fixed-term deposits in Germany: With Savedo, savers can securely invest in stock market trends

  • FestgeldPLUS offers the potential to receive interest rates of up to 3.15% p.a. on a fixed term of 12 months
  • The safety of a term deposit enhanced with the opportunity to profit from stock market trends

Berlin, 8 March 2017 – Savedo announces today the launch of FestgeldPLUS, a new form of investment that is available to German savers exclusively through its international retail investment platform The new product is the result of a collaboration with Savedo's latest partner, the innovative Portugese investment bank Banco de Investimento Global, S.A. (BiG), which offers savers fully-insured deposits with a potential return of up to 3.15% on a 12-month term.

With FestgeldPLUS retail savers may now participate in the upside of the stock market, without taking the risk of losing their investment. This is accomplished by combining the best qualities of fixed-term deposits with a basket of popular underlying stocks grouped to follow popular trends. Customers invest in a specially-designed 12-month term deposit and their investment is protected by the deposit guarantee scheme of the EU member country Portugal, up to a maximum of EUR 100,000 per client, just like a traditional fixed-term deposit.

With FestgeldPLUS, we are allowing retail investors to invest in stock market trends they believe in, without facing the risk of a loss on the principal. This product gives investors the opportunity to safely participate in the dynamic of the stock market, potentially with a high return, with completely transparent terms. In addition, we are delighted we have found a partner in BiG, which for many years has been among the best and most stable banks in Portugal and has already received several awards for its achievements.

Björn Jüngerkes, Managing Director at Savedo GmbH

Savedo and BiG have designed two initial products which empower customers by allowing them to choose to profit from trends they believe in. The interest rates of the FestgeldPLUS products are determined simply and transparently by the performance of two baskets of well-known corporate stocks. If the share prices of the stocks in each basket remain constant or rise over the 12-month term, investors will receive an interest rate of up to 3.15 %. If aforementioned targets are not achieved, the principal is nevertheless secure and repaid in full, at maturity.

Our common goal with Savedo is to reconcile German savers with the stock markets by allowing them to prevent any loss on their investment, in contrast to a direct investment in the stock market. 

João Henrique, Head of Derivatives and Structuring desk at Banco BiG

About BiG

Banco de Investimento Global, S.A. (BiG), based in Lisbon, offers a wide range of services for private and corporate customers.The bank is fully licensed to operate in all business sectors of the banking sector and operates mainly in Portugal.BiG is a member of the National Deposit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Portugal, which protects deposits up to EUR 100,000 per customer.In 2016 BiG was named the "Best Medium or Small Portuguese bank" by the renowned business magazine Exame for the ninth time in 10 years.The bank has also won the award for the country’s “Most Solid Bank” in the same category for the past 6 years, or since the award was created.

About Savedo

Savedo is the European financial investment platform, which since 2014 has enabled private investors in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to invest in attractive and innovative investment products through a single Savedo account. In cooperation with select partner banks from Germany and Europe, Savedo offers fixed-term deposits and flexible-term deposits as well as FestgeldPLUS offerings with various maturities and interest rates. All savings are protected according to current EU directives up to an amount of € 100,000 per client per bank. In addition, private investors at Savedo can buy physical gold and silver online. The precious metals are stored free of customs duties in Switzerland and are fully insured there.


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Über Savedo GmbH

Savedo ist die europäische Geldanlage-Plattform, die seit 2014 Privatkunden in Deutschland, Österreich und den Niederlanden über ein einziges Savedo-Konto die Anlage in attraktive und innovative Investmentprodukte ermöglicht. In Zusammenarbeit mit ausgesuchten Partnerbanken aus Deutschland und Europa bietet Savedo Fest- und Flexgelder sowie FestgeldPLUS-Angebote mit unterschiedlichen Laufzeiten und Zinssätzen an. Alle Spareinlagen sind nach aktuellen EU-Richtlinien bis zu einer Höhe von 100.000 Euro geschützt. Darüber hinaus können private Anleger bei Savedo physisches Gold und Silber online kaufen. Die Edelmetalle werden zollfrei in der Schweiz gelagert und sind dort vollumfänglich versichert.

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