Savedo expands in the Netherlands

First and only supplier in the Dutch market with license from the Dutch regulator AFM, localized offers on own Dutch website.

Savedo offers the highest interest rates for fixed term deposits in the Netherlands.

Berlin, 20th of April, 2016 – Savedo, the first international online financial marketplace for savings in EU member countries, expands to the Netherlands. As the first and only supplier, Savedo now operates under a license from the Dutch financial service regulator AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten). At interested customers can learn everything about the possibilities of investing in Europe, all in the Dutch language, and can invest in attractive fixed term deposits from European foreign countries.

"Offering our service in the Netherlands, Savedo takes the first step in a non-German-speaking foreign country. We are especially proud of the fact that we operate as the first and only financial marketplace with a license from AFM – especially because the way was anything but easy. This license is an important and evident signal: It shows to Dutch savers that an investment with Savedo is not only lucrative, but also a secure alternative to the savings plight also in their country. Our Dutch-language website answers all of the important questions around the topic „Saving abroad“. Furthermore we offer a Dutch identification procedure, Dutch customer service, and last but not least the best rates in the market. I think we are well prepared for the challenges of this new market and we look forward to further comparable steps in other European countries.“

Christian Tiessen, Managing Director and co-founder of Savedo

All fixed-term deposits on will be offered by the Czech bank partner J&T Banka, who has collaborated with Savedo since the start of the portal in December 2014. A Dutch customer can choose between 10 fixed term products with terms between six months and 10 years. Soon the offer in the Netherlands will be extended by fixed-term deposits of other banks.


The Dutch are – like the Germans – very diligent savers: About 350 billion euros are deposited in Dutch savings accounts and are waiting for secure and lasting financial products. In terms of per capita financial assets, the Dutch are among the top 5 worldwide. In addition to that about 91% of them trust Online Banking solutions in their everyday financial life.

About Savedo


Savedo is the first international online financial marketplace to make attractive savings products in Germany and other European countries available to private customers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. With interest rates of up to 2.5% p.a. Savedo currently offers the highest rates on fixed-term deposits in the German, Austrian and Dutch markets. In cooperation with the German biw AG and various European partner banks, Savedo offers financial products at various terms and interest rates to its customers. All partner institutions and investment opportunities are subject to a thorough assessment process. Deposits must be guaranteed by the respective country's deposit guarantee fund up to an amount of EUR 100,000 in accordance with current EU guidelines.






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Bettina Blees

Head of PR

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Über Savedo GmbH

Savedo ist die europäische Geldanlage-Plattform, die seit 2014 Privatkunden in Deutschland, Österreich und den Niederlanden über ein einziges Savedo-Konto die Anlage in attraktive und innovative Investmentprodukte ermöglicht. In Zusammenarbeit mit ausgesuchten Partnerbanken aus Deutschland und Europa bietet Savedo Fest- und Flexgelder sowie FestgeldPLUS-Angebote mit unterschiedlichen Laufzeiten und Zinssätzen an. Alle Spareinlagen sind nach aktuellen EU-Richtlinien bis zu einer Höhe von 100.000 Euro geschützt. Darüber hinaus können private Anleger bei Savedo physisches Gold und Silber online kaufen. Die Edelmetalle werden zollfrei in der Schweiz gelagert und sind dort vollumfänglich versichert.

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